24512521 Air Filter

SKU: XA-1543U Categories:
  • Brand:Others
  • No.:XA-1543U
  • OEM No.:24512521
  • Specification:Length:258mm Width:190mm Height :41mm
  • Product materials:Polyurethane
  • Applicable vehicle type:2005-10款五菱鸿图 1.1L 2006款五菱鸿图 1.2L 2007-10款五菱荣光 1.1L 2008款荣光 1.2L 2011款荣光小卡 1.2L 2006-11款五菱扬光 1.21L 1.2L 2005款五菱之光 1.0L 1.1L 1.2L 2004-08款五菱之光 1.3L


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