Changsha: taught you how to replace the oil filter

2017-07-22 19:21:23 admin 28

The replacement of the oil filter has a certain degree of difficulty, if the hands-on ability is not strong, the owner does not propose to change their oil filter, the ability of motor vehicles can refer to the steps, hand to teach you how to change the oil filter.

Prepare tools: 15mm oil filter wrench, wrench, Jack, gloves, waste oil, a funnel

Step 1: vehicle preparation

Want to switch to the first oil filter, oil fee cleared, so the first step is to be hot, so as to fully clean up the oil, start the engine, open for about 5 minutes, then turn off the engine, pull the handbrake, about 10 minutes rest, Jack the vehicle top up.

The second step: the discharge of old oil

15mm wrench counterclockwise vehicle under the oil pan screw, do not screw too much, will set a good plastic bag waste oil pot in the screw below, put to tighten the screws, and put out all the oil screw down, this process being careful not to burn oil.

The third step: take off the old oil filter

Wait until all the engine oil has gone out. Open the oil filter cover on the hood, and use the oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter.

The fourth step: change the new oil filter

Using a clean oil filter base of the chassis, come up with a new oil filter, coated with a layer of oil in the new oil filter oil filter ring by hand, carefully turn into oil, in accordance with the screw tightening, do not screw too tight, generally moderate is good, and then clean the oil drain bolt and discharge after cleaning the back up device.

The fifth step: add new oil

In the upper region of the engine, you can see the lid with oil, this is the oil cap, open the oil cap, plug into the funnel, add new oil to the funnel. In the process of continuous pull to see if installed foot foot cover on the oil dipstick, with cover, wipe spilled oil.

The sixth step: check

Start the engine and turn off in a few minutes. Check the oil dipstick again to see if the oil is suitable. Finally check to see if there is any oil leakage in the whole vehicle.

The seventh step: deal with the waste oil

Dispose of the waste oil that is released, discard the waste oil and seal it up and sell it to the special waste oil to prevent the pollution of the environment.