How often does the air conditioner filter change?

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Now, burning our body sweat as constantly as the sun stepfather, this day could not live without air conditioning car. But the air conditioning of a winter was stopped, the air volume became smaller, and the peculiar smell was broken Most of the pots are filter back, let us learn the knowledge points.

First, what kinds of air conditioning filter?

The air conditioner filter element is generally located behind the auxiliary storage box, which is the first pass of the outside air into the car, just like the human lung. Its function is to filter the particles in the air, such as dust, pollen, soot, industrial particles, nitrogen oxides, etc., to keep the air clean.

Air conditioner filter element is generally divided into three kinds: filter paper type filter core, activated carbon filter core, HEPA filter core.

The filter core is made of filter paper or non-woven fabric, forming a thickness by folding to increase the filter area. This material filter can only filter the general particles, and formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other harmful substances do not have much effect. Most cars use this filter because the air is large and cheap.

The activated carbon filter core is added with a layer of activated carbon on the filter paper material, which can absorb formaldehyde, odor and moisture. But it still has no effect on the rampant PM2.5.

HEPA is a newly developed new filter cartridge called High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, which means "HEPA particulate air filter"". It filters efficiencies of 0.3 microns in diameter (PM0.3), which is said to be up to 99.97%. To put it bluntly, HEPA is specifically dealing with PM2.5 and haze.

Each of the three filters has characteristics, and the more functions it is, the more money it will cost. You can according to their own Baidu car environment of their choice. Relatively speaking, the owner of the Volvo installed HEPA package, Tesla owners can save.

Two, air conditioning filter why often change?

A luxury brand 4S shop customer service experts: the air conditioning filter does not change the long-term, a lot of dust and foreign bodies in the above will cause agglomeration, mildew, black, rotten, the use of air conditioning or car air circulation system can be formed when the serious pollution threat to health.

Another Volkswagen 4S store after-sales director, also held the same view. He believes that if the filter does not change for a long time, the air quality in the car will become very poor, driving for a long time will make people feel strange, dizziness. Coupled with the air quality is so bad, it is necessary to regularly change the filter according to the instructions.

If you have an odor when you turn on the air conditioner, there may be several situations.

A, as mentioned above, the change of the filter you.

Two, look at the engine whether a foreign body, such as mouse and let some women turn pale excrement, visible before the Jun poly car engine compartment into the mouse do?

Three, may not be the problem that the air conditioner, but your vehicle interior odor. If you are MINI, Audi A4L, Mondeo, old Mercedes Benz C class car owners, congratulations on winning the. This is the manufacturer's use of asphalt damping tablets, non - Environmental interior decoration caused by congenital defects, air conditioning filter does not carry the pan.

Therefore, the car has a smell, check the cabin, change the filter, and if it does not work, then go to the 4S check to see whether the vehicle itself.

Three, air conditioning filter how often change?

Depends on what kind of car you drive, where you can use it, and how to use it Here is a gold general principle: according to the manufacturer's instructions, and according to the actual situation of minor adjustment. The general models of the manual are prescribed 10000-20000 km for the first air filter, but the technical staff of these good may not be expected to Chinese serious haze.

An import of modern after-sales staff introduction, they set 5000 kilometers one maintenance, 15000 kilometers a change air conditioning filter. But many customers in the first warranty or two guarantees, they found that the filter has been black, it took the initiative to ask the replacement of after-sales staff.

A Volvo 4S after sale experts have similar experience, they set 20000 km to change air conditioning filter, but many customers are more sensitive to health problems, in the first 10000 km when the insurance requirements change.

A Beijing friend said that when he was in severe haze 2000 kilometers away for an air filter.

So, how often do you change the air conditioning filter? It depends on your local god's mood and your own mood.

Four, change their own or go to 4S shop for?

Which way to change, or according to practical ability, free time and economic conditions to decide?. More ground for some handy owners must be personally come.

But do not bother to start or do not mind their own owners or to go to the 4S shop to do maintenance, and then replace the air conditioning filter, or to fly the professional car repair shop replacement.

Note that in the store to change the air filter, because the cleaning staff rarely trouble, help cleaning sponge lattice (i.e. paper lattice under the oil layer with sponge, is the first pass of automotive air conditioning clean air), the owner can hint beside the friendship.

If you are DIY entry-level player, it is recommended: if you change the air conditioning filter can also, but pay special attention to the air conditioner filter is the opposite side, installed anti filter effect will be greatly reduced. The trick is: there is an arrow above, and you can't make a mistake when you see this.