【Starcity】How does the oil filter work?

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The working principle of the oil filter is divided into three kinds according to the impurity filtration method: mechanical separation, centrifugal separation and magnetic adsorption. Filter

Mechanical separation can be divided into three types: pure mechanical separation, aerial separation and adsorption separation.

Pure mechanical separation, common filter screen, that is, with a certain aperture filter material to filter mechanical impurities and sludge, the particle diameter is greater than the filter hole impurities are filter blocked and filtered out. Overhead separation means that there are n small particles attached to the inner wall of the filter hole, the particles gradually increase, so that the filter hole gradually becomes smaller, forming overhead phenomenon, so that the size of the filtered particles is smaller than the size of the filter hole. Because the shape of particles in oil is irregular, the overhead phenomenon is easy to form. In addition to the plastic material in the oil, often adhesion formation in the inner wall of the filter surface adsorption or filtration holes. The actual filter is generally not the function of a single principle, but may be the combination of the above.

Centrifugal separation means that the oil passes through a high-speed rotating rotor, causing the impurities in the oil to be thrown to the inner wall of the rotor by centrifugal force, thus separating the oil from the engine oil.

Magnetic adsorption is the use of permanent magnet magnetic force to iron particles in the oil adsorption, do not let them in the oil lubrication system cycle back and forth, endangering engine parts.