You only need a coin to know whether the tires should be changed

2017-07-23 17:37:37 admin 9

A lot of new car owners will ignore the safety on wheels, the tires is scratched, when the replacement tires do not care, many owners do not know how to judge the tire change today, teach you a simple trick.

Test method: ordinary city road running, tire tread pattern thickness must be greater than 1.8 millimeters, only belong to safety range. Of course, this does not include your car, often in a special road running, special road vehicles to ensure that the tire tread pattern thickness of greater than 3.2 mm. If there is no professional tools, the general can use one yuan or five cents coin to see the coin back, auxiliary measurement, the coins back up and take one side of the root into the tread grooves, if the tread can cover the chrysanthemum pattern part, so you can continue to use the old tire on the road for a period of time. If you can see the chrysanthemum pattern clearly, then you should change the tire.

Usually pay more attention to observation, find the tire sidewall, pay attention to whether there are cracks on the tire bulge, if it must be timely repair, nip in the bud!