The structure, composition and importance of oil filter

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Necessity of oil filter

In order to reduce the frictional resistance between the relative moving parts in the engine and reduce the wear of the parts, the oil is continuously transported to the friction surfaces of the moving parts to form a lubricating film for lubrication. The oil itself contains a certain amount of gum, impurities, moisture and additives. At the same time, in the process of engine operation, the metal debris into, the air debris access, oil oxide production, making the oil in the debris gradually increased.

If the oil is not filtered, directly into the lubricating oil, the oil will contain debrisintothe friction pairs, accelerated wear parts, reduce the service life of the engine. The function of the oil filter is to filter out the sundries, gums and moisture in the oil, and transport clean oil to the lubrication parts.

Structure of oil filter

The oil filter is made up of each of the following components to form the overall function of the oil filter.

1) tin (outer tube) for accommodating the filter (filter) continuous pressure container operation, general requirements for the thickness of 0.4 - 0.6mm, 0.6 - 1.0mm (car) (CART), pull the body thickness of not more than 20% - 25%, requirements under pressure in 4-7 kg nondeforming is not damaged;

2) spring: used for pressing filter (core), in vibration and the oil flow is fixed to the cans, also has the use of the plate spring, but the cost is high;

3) but to the valve apron (backflow valve): used to prevent the return of oil, so that the oil filter has a long-term oil, so that the engine has just started lubrication immediately;

4) filter: used to filter sludge in oil, the filter material used for it is generally divided into surface filter and laminated filter, composed of filter paper and upper and lower cover, filter paper folded in the surface type of the most;

5) inner iron net: used for supporting and fixing paper cores;

6) safety valve: installed in the filter (paper core), the role is that when the filter (paper core) block, the oil pressure reached one kilogram automatically open, leaving the oil;

7 floor:) for connecting tin (outer tube), the oil filter is fixed on the engine;

8) connecting plate: used to fix rubber ring on the bottom board;

9) seal oil seal installation: lattice on the engine, installed on the connecting plate, high oil 1.2-1.6mm, the temperature can reach -40 degrees, +140 degrees without aging (usually by vulcanization treatment).