Star City filter by entering the engine air, oil and fuel filter, which play a role in protecting the engine, but also improve the efficiency of the engine, the performance of the filter directly affect the performance of the engine, the normal operation of the engine Plays a key role, is an indispensable part of the car engine. Star City filter varieties, high precision filter, flow resistance is small, long life.

Star City production of oil filter selection of pure Korean imports of Oslo efficient filter material, capacity ash large, long life, enhance the perfect power.

Star City air filter selection of high-quality professional multi-layer structure filter, a great dust holding capacity and high filtration accuracy (50um), filter performance right shift, filter area, low gas resistance, filtration efficiency up to 99% , The engine get enough air intake and clean air, to ensure that the engine normal power Shucu.

Star City fuel filter using professional advanced composite filter media, to achieve the best filter performance and the strongest cleaning function.

Star City air conditioning filter selection of high-quality professional filter (long fiber and activated carbon), can effectively filter a variety of particles and filter out odor and harmful gases, purify the air inside the car.