Our Culture

Our Goal: Be the most respected filter manufacturer. 

•Meet and exceed customer’s needs and expectations to earn their Trusts and respects. 

•Improve our market share and our brand recognition, make our employees proud and earn their respects and loyalties. 

•Work with business partners to promote a healthy and strong oil filter industry and develop mutual respects. 

•Focus on corporate responsibility; dedicate to build a strong community around us with mutual respects and trusts. 

Mission: To be the top brand

•Dedicate to grow our market share and provide the best quality products to our customer.

•Provide customized products and service to meet different demands from our customers in different regions. 

•Strive to be the leader in the industry and earn the loyalty from our customer by providing the best products with best quality and best value. 

Our Value: pragmatic, progressive, Collaborative and innovative. 


•Provide most valuable products and services to our customer with the highest level of honesties, efficiency and customer focus.  

•Operate our business with the highest level of morality, equality and equity. 

•Influence our community with our pragmatic value. 


•Responsible, High efficiency.

•Not yield to any challenges. 

•keep improving and keep perfecting. 


•Strive to build Win-Win relation with our business partner. 

•Collaborate and cooperate with our business partners with our full capacity to achieve the common goal. 

•Build a close tie with our partners and share our knowledge and expertise to contribute to the growth of our industry. 


•Bring value to our customer thru innovative ideas. 

•Always improve and innovate our model to bring the best value to our customer. 

•Never hesitant for innovation and investment to serve our customers.

Marketing Strategy: Serve our customer with quality

•Always focus on a big picture and work with customers with a long term, Win-Win strategy. 

•Highest level of customer focus, responsive to the needs of our customer and continuously improve our products to satisfy all our customers’ needs. 

•Focus on providing the best customer experience and building a long term relationship. 

Management style: Every Starcitier is in one family.

•Strive to provide the best working environment and rewarding programs to our employees.

•Provide various channels and career paths to help our employee to grow and succeed in the company. 

•Respect and trust our employee, guide and reward our employee with our maximum capacity. 

talents development

We go a long way

We strive to provide a work environment that empowers our professionals as individuals, and as a team. This is a place whereexperiences and capabilities are highly valued, New ideas are embraced and celebrated,and you’re supported with the benefits, training and inclusive environment you need to excel.

Talents development system

•New employee

With our tailored programs, we provide different training to our new employee based on their skills and experiences. 

Campus recruiting:  we offer 10 days full schedule training to help our new employee better incorporate themselves to the company, after that we will provide tailored vocational training to help our employee to succeed in their positions. 

Professional recruiting: we offer 3 days full schedule training to help our new employee better incorporate themselves to the company, as well as customized courses to help our employee better understand our company, and gain necessary knowhow  for their work. 

Personal tutor: We provide every new employee a skillful personal trainer to help them succeed in the company. 

•Double Channel employee development program

StarCitiers will have good opportunities and flexibility to decide whether they want to become a technician or pursue management role in the company.